About Todd Lambright

Todd aka (Lucky) Lambright, is a Dad, dog lover, wanderer of the woods, haunted house geek,  pinball nerd, and Halloween nut.  An easy going guy, he is up for almost any style of tattooing. He prefers to draw things in his vision,  tattooing the way he paints. Always up for more Japanese, neo Traditional, Disney and Illustrative tattoos.    He will always jump at the chance to do some spooky and silly Halloween images.  

From Indiana, raised by wolves, chased by ghosts escaped through the Haunted mansion to Minnesota, he is a down to earth art nerd looking forward to the next journey.    For an appointment email via the site, follow the email consultation and once you have included all requested information, I will do my best to take on your project(pending feeling it fits in my wheelhouse/style) and get you in the books.

You will review the design and make any small changes needed at the appointment, to insure proper fit, flow and sizing.  After 25 plus years this process has proven to lead to the best outcomes.